With leather floors and walls (yes, leather), does the room become a man's world or a woman's? Is it the strength, craftsmanship or heritage that leather symbolizes for a man, or is it the smooth, soft, supple, perfumed, elegant atmosphere that leather offers a woman? No reason it can't be both.


Perhaps you'd never think of leather for your floor, but why not? You already know how durable it is to walk on. In fact, it's used in homes, offices, stores, hotels, and museums.


Quality leather tiles are crafted from natural, full-grain leather, the same as that used for shoe soles -- with tanning, dye and finish processes that create floors with unique characteristics that say sophistication, beauty and quality, warmth (visual as well as underfoot), luxury and, of course, "Welcome!"


But it's not only the unexpected use of this material that makes leather floor and wall tiles so intriguing. It's the broad spectrum of colors, the aroma of leather, the soft, inviting touch, the resilient feel under foot and some other unexpected benefits like improved acoustics, natural fire retardancy and simple maintenance.


Maintenance involves regular vacuuming and dust mopping with a well wrung-out mop, just like a hardwood floor. Spills are easily blotted up, and manufacturers will likely recommend semi-annual waxing.


Damaged tiles are easily replaced.


Leather can be used in many areas of the home, however high moisture areas like bath and laundry area and outdoor entrances are not recommended. Advanced installation techniques allow you to actually remove your tiles and take them with you to your next home. The variety of shapes and sizes, from strips to large squares, means the design opportunities with leather are extensive enough that you'll be tempted to try it on for size in your own home.

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