From the riverbed comes A Tale Of Sunken Treasure.  It's a new kind of gold standard, antique wood - brand new for your home.


FABULOUS FLOORS has written about reclaimed wood for floors in the past.  This tale talks mostly about one aspect, magnificent tree specimen of ancient heart pine and heart cypress recovered from generations at rest, lost at the bottom of our riverbeds. (Another technique is reclaiming vintage woods from old buildings.)


Experts in the business say this tale begins up to 500 years ago in the Southeastern part of what's now the US when it was covered with slow-growing longleaf pines.  At their core, these slender trees would form after 300 years or so a high resin, tight-grained heart wood, stable, virtually indestructible and tinged a deep red, which now takes on a rich patina after a few months of exposure to oxygen and sunlight. These trees evolved later than their 1,000-year-old cousin, the Bald Cypress.  With it's own heart wood, a prehistoric survivor (up to 1,700 years old), with a natural ability to resist insects and water damage, this cypress features subtle swirls and delicate straight grains in shades of warm honey to cinnamon.


They stood together in the age from the Colonial period through the Industrial Revolution.  Then came American settlers and country-builders, clearing the land for homes, factories, wharves, ship masts and bridges - the infrastructure of a new nation.


Logs were hauled to nearby rivers, lashed together as rafts and floated to the mill.  Along the way, many of the denser logs (and, some say better) broke loose, floated away and eventually sank to the oxygen-free river bottoms where they were pristinely preserved for more than four generations.


Thirty years ago, a master carpenter and home builder was hand-picking materials for his dream home when a fisherman brought some heart pine logs recovered from the Suwannee River.  By 1976, that discovery had led to a recovery process (in conjunction with government agencies to protect the river environment) and a millworks producing brand new, antique wood floors and medallions plus stair parts, molding and trim to match.


Goodwin Heart Pine Company reclaims and mills rare, lost treasures of heart pine and heart cypress from reclaimed buildings and America's river bottoms, where they have lain for 150 years or more.