Most of us have heard the decorating term feng shui, but what is it, and how does it apply to my new floor?


Fengshui (pronounced “fung-shway”) is the ancient Chinese practice of positioning objects for the unimpeded, balanced flow of vital forces inherent in all things. It is intended to be both functionaland visually pleasing, especially at home. At a higher level, feng shui is an attempt to link spirit and form, in other words, our feelings with our world, drawing on the depth and meaning of our design to delight our senses in our day-to-dayworld.


Only recently have home designers focused on two things about decorating. First, flooring should be recognized as a significant contributor to interior design, whether the floor is a focal point or a foundation for one’s décor. And second, that multiculturalism has brought new worlds to our homes and thus new ways to express ourselves.


Taking the lead from the feng shui originators, today’s designers are discovering how forms, textures and colors create environments that are natural, practical and very personal. Our furnishings

are the building blocks and the floors our foundation.


Feng shui inspires us to draw on natural materials such as wood, stone, silk, cotton, wool, leather and other natural materials which feng shui practitioners will say open us and our spaces to the vital forces that create them – sunlight and fresh air chief among them. Every element of the environment– flooring, plants, furnishings, family photos, even lighting – all play a role in connecting us to this haven of peace and quiet.


The feng shui home need not be overtly expensive; rather it needs to be meaningful to be personal.


In some cases, your wood floor could be appropriately traditional in its color, familiar grains and layout. At other times, it can be an unexpected exotic with a design such as a herringbone, basketweave. Custom installations can be very personal. The same goes for a stone or tile floor, meaningfully reminiscent of a vacation or beach retreat. Then there’s the world of area rugs reflecting every culture and every age of human history in textiles and flowing textures. Any could make one feel at home relaxing, conversing or meditating on the floor.


If the goal of design is to create beauty and a place that supports who you are – or want to be – as an individual, bring your aspirations to us.