One of the latest home decor trends is the reemergence of textures which are finding their way to every surface, including your floors.


Look around your home and in the latest home fashion magazines. You’ll find unusual, striking combinations of actual and visual textures inspired by the latest couture fashion. There’ll be animal skin prints nearby to florals and stripes, crystal napkin rings atop embroidered table cloths, contemporary candlesticks on a treasured antique table (perhaps from grandma) textured damask pillows contrasted with a buttery smooth leather sofa.


Textures succeed on your floor decor, too, with dozens of breathtaking new combinations, especially in carpet. It’s today’s look in luxury.


You won’t have to look hard to find both actual textures beginning with friezes and textured weaves –– soft to the touch but long wearing wherever you put them. You can find high and low loops and high twists effects in textures that range from silky smooth to nubby. Or, take natural sisals in traditional looks or modern interpretations.


Today’s carpets are bursting with new ideas starting with 3D, sculptured patterns, and the introduction of metallic fibers and custom dyed yarns to matchthe most discerning tastes. Pattern designs themselves will create visual texture even in the smoothest of carpet constructions. It can be as simple as the traditional geometric texture of a trellis, a sophisticated animal or subtle fleur de lis design.


Don’t stop there. Layering, another popular look borrowed from high fashion, is one form of adding texture to a room. The simplest is a rug on any surface, but over your favorite carpet, the sky’s the limit! How about creating a custom area rug to coordinate with your wall-to-wall pattern for something unique? Use the same pattern on the floor with a solid color border to use under the dining room table. Try shimmery pillows for a brilliant touch for any decor.


Take it a step further with limitless opportunities for texture presented by mixing and matching rich-looking carpet and other flooring finishes like natural wood, marble, terrazzo, stone, brick and ceramic or more unusual fare like cork or exotic wood.


Use your imagination. There are so many options available to use floors as an integral design element for your home. Let us help you create it.