There is nothing like an area rug to instantly change the feeling in your home. Area rugs are just as important as any other floor covering in your home and should be part of every design plan – from the beginning.


Because of their flexible designability, area rugs can be used in every room and as part of any project you undertake. They also can be a final accompaniment to any flooring you have now or plan to buy.


Why? Rugs define space and create a focal point. Think of a stunning oriental under your dining room table and seating. Or think matching runners on both sides of a bed, say two-and-a-half to three feet wide and four to five feet long. Put one over wall-to-wall carpet for an extra touch of luxury, or create a layered look over wood, cork, bamboo, ceramic tile, laminate or even very large rugs. This designer tip called “layering” continues to be hot.


Area rugs are works of art. Use them for self-expression. Consider buying two or more, not only for the seasons but also to make the holidays special, and for those days your home needs a little lift or for special family occasions. (Rugs have an inherent added bonus. Whether inexpensive or of heirloom quality, they can be taken to your next home or passed on to the next generation.)


Better area rugs are often referred to as decorator rugs because they come in many types, varieties and patterns.


As you shop for a rug, make sure you have samples of your existing colors and fabrics in hand (bring a throw pillow, for example), or bring swatches of how you want your room to look.


Next, think in terms of multiples. If you like the excitement of change, think about rugs that you can change with each season. Spring is here. Summer’s not far behind. What’ll it be?


Area rugs are fun, fresh and practical… instant makeovers to reflect your every mood.