If style and performance are your two most important considerations when shopping for a kitchen floor, then check out resilient. These versatile floors can fit any budget and are available in myriad patterns and colors to meet most lifestyles, from growing family and retired to sedate and rambunctious.


Resilient flooring includes vinyl tiles, strips and sheet goods. It is probably the easiest of flooring surfaces to keep clean. The product offers excellent stain resistance; typical household spills can be easily wiped up.


Resilient flooring offers almost limitless design and color options and will enhance any decorating theme. You can choose from classic geometric shapes like diamonds or checkerboard patterns, as well as looks resembling natural materials, such as stone and wood. You can opt for solid-color effects, use subtle pebble or small-scale styles, or choose from dramatic patterns for rooms featuring a country or contemporary décor.


These products are a popular choice for the kitchen because they add visual interest. You can select faux patterns, such as traditional granite, casual wood or contemporary pavers, that coordinate and enhance the décor scheme.


Most resilient floors are available in high-gloss or matte finishes. High-gloss finishes give a new, clean look to a kitchen floor and have a contemporary feel, while a matte finish may be appropriate for traditional decorating schemes.


When deciding on color and design, consider the colors of the paint work, cabinets, kitchen accessories and patterns on the wallpaper or window treatments. For example, if there is already a lot of color or pattern in the kitchen, then perhaps a more neutral style floor is the best option. However, if the reverse is true, then a real statement can be made by adding a resilient floor with more color or pattern.