Laminate floors come in different shapes and colors, offering limitless design possibilities.


It only takes a moment to appreciate the beauty of a laminate floor. But you’ll appreciate its toughness considerably longer. This remarkable product can withstand the abuse of kids, pets and spills while maintaining its beautiful appearance for years.


Laminates combine the warmth and beauty of hardwood with the durability of resilient flooring. Similar to a kitchen countertop, the product offers excellent resistance to staining, fading, abrasions and even cigarette burns. These performance features make laminate flooring an excellent choice for rooms that gets lots of use and areas where you spend the most time.


A laminate floor is great for allergy sufferers, because the surface does not trap pollen, dust, or other allergy-producing particles. The product does not fade from sun exposure, which means you can reposition your furniture without worrying about color variations in the floor.


While its high performance is a major selling point, laminate floors are not indestructible or bullet proof. Asphalt, sand and other abrasive materials tracked into buildings can scratch the surface. And while laminates are applicable for just about every room in the home, most manufacturers do not recommend using the floor in bathrooms or high-moisture areas.


Decorating Options

The great thing about laminate flooring is it’s as beautiful as it is durable. There are endless options available which allow it to coordinate with any decorating theme, from casual and country to traditional and contemporary.


Most laminates are available in natural-looking wood grains. But you’ll also find a wide variety of faux marble, granite and stone looks, which reflect a home decorating trend towards designs resembling natural materials.


Laminates come in various sizes – such as strips, planks, squares and panels – which allow you to create a custom flooring design with different shapes and colors. For example, square tiles can be set on a diagonal in the center of a room, or serve as accents for floor planks. You can mix and match various shapes, patterns and colors to create a more subtle or striking look.


A retail salesperson can provide you with information on the features and benefits of each laminate brand. Further information is available from manufacturers, many of whom offer videotapes, brochures, point-of-purchase materials and toll-free telephone numbers to answer your questions. Remember, however, to always compare warranties and usage recommendations, which vary by vendor.


Routine vacuuming, or sweeping and an occasional damp mop is all it takes to keep laminate floors looking great. Floor care products are available for removing those really tough stains caused by grease, juice, crayon, shoe polish, paint and chewing gum. Dirt and scuff marks don’t stick well to a laminate floor; they can be cleaned up very easily.


The demand for laminate flooring is growing. Exceptional durability, style, installation and maintenance have made laminates a big hit for consumers and interior designers alike.