If you’re shopping for a floor which offers a distinctive look and soft, warm and quiet feel, then consider cork. No other surface can match these benefits combined with its natural good looks and within a price range of most mainstream consumers.


Cork traces its roots to the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, where as a member of the beech family, it is harvested every nine to 11 years. It is a natural, renewable resource due to its harvesting method; cork oak trees provide material via their bark. So if you’re trying to go “green’ in your household, then cork flooring is the best way to go.


Cork is also, without question, one of the most beautiful flooring products available on the market.The natural colors and wood designs are unique and you can find virtually every type of style to match your décor. Manufacturers provide various tile shapes and patterns.

A major selling point is durability, as cork will last long enough to be worth your investment.


Cork floors have been used in public buildings, such as churches and libraries, since 1898, long before residential applications. The material can withstand abuse from children, pets and furniture.


Cork boasts excellent sound-deadening and insulation characteristics. Unlike hard materials like tile, hardwood or resilient, cork is quiet and reduces “impact” noise, such as something dropping on the floor or the sound of walking by people or pets. And it's great for areas where you stand a lot, such as the kitchen, providing relief for your feet, back and legs.


Cork flooring offers excellent health and safety benefits that any consumer would crave. There are natural properties in cork resistant to pests and make it anti-allergenic. A natural substance in cork called suberin repels insects, mites and mold while protecting the floor from rotting. Studies have shown that suberin also gives cork flooring fire resistant properties.


Although it represents only a small portion of the floor covering market, cork is enjoying a surge in popularity driven largely by pent-up consumer demand and a movement towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable products. Keep in mindthe qualities and characteristics for cork floors vary, depending on the manufacturer. Check with your local flooring retailer to learn more about the features and benefits as well as assistance in recommending the right product that meets your needs.


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