Wood floors are subject to fading when subjected to hot sunlight for long periods of time. You may want to close your window treatments during the hot hours of the day. Most wood also turns color from exposure just to light. (Some fade, some darken.)

Rotate your area rugs so the floors with turn color evenly or so the change will not be noticeable. (Your rugs will thank you, too, as they age evenly and more gracefully.)

Be careful of shoes and heels in need of repair – and knobby soles that pick up stones that can scratch your floors. Dents and dings in wood floors, even hardwoods, are very common. A 110 pound woman in spike heels actually applies 2,200 lbs of pressure per square inch. Some like the character of “lived with” wood. Investigate tough finishes and keep it clean.

Plan ahead with area rugs and walk off mats to help prevent grit from being tracked through the house and rough material from scratching the floor. Shake these mats outside weekly as well as vacuum them so they do not accumulate so much dirt that they can’t keep up. Use area rugs and runners in high traffic zones.