Sustainable Lumber Company is unlike any flooring company most people have ever seen. Sustainable Lumber Company starts with 100% local salvaged and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified Douglas Fir and utilizes a truly unique manufacturing process.

Sustainable Lumber Co. combines local timber, artisan quality, and Montana integrity. Flooring is individually selected for character and personality. Every piece is hand graded for unique characteristics that tells the story of the Old West.

Their timber is cut and graded in the rough under supervision of the Montana Correctional Enterprise. Under contract with the state of Montana they manage a training and grading program for prison inmates. Their program prepares inmates to enter the private sector with hands on skill sets and grading certification which helps place them with long term jobs and drastically reduces recidivism rates.

After processing and grading, flooring and door blanks are then trucked to a local Mennonite/Amish community where they are placed in a kiln and slowly dried to 6%. Their kiln is fueled exclusively with renewable woody biomass and salvaged timber. After drying, rough sawn blanks are then ready to process into flooring, doors, and molding.

Every board is handled up to 12 times allowing us the opportunity to check quality and detail at every step.
Starting with a whole log and then carefully cutting planks, this method produces a higher quality and incredibly unique floor. Wood grain patterns appear to dance and wave as they move from vertical to flat grain. Most flooring manufacturers use a lower grade lumber and then try to cut and high grade for flooring. At Sustainable Lumber, the opposite is performed... the whole log is cut into flooring leaving the amazing character in every piece.The pre-finished flooring is hand rubbed and hand sanded producing an unparalleled appearance. Hand rubbing insures the highest quality finish whichcannot be matched in a factory setting.

100% of the timber is sourced locally in Montana. Sustainable Lumber utilizes two sources; dead standing timber killed by natural causes and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) certified wood.

All wood fiber not used in our product lines are donated for animal bedding and/or used as renewable energy to fuel our kiln and heat our facility.

“For us it's not just flooring; this is our dream and our passion, a small piece of Montana we're proud to share with you.”

For More on Sustainable Lumber and its other products visit us at www.sustainablelumberco.com.